Hi there! I'm Claire.

I’m a senior at Stanford who’s excited about robotics and computer science.

When I’m not doing homework or club activities, I enjoy poking around in machine shops, wrangling with the bezier tool, and jumping.

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Self-balancing Robot

think segway, but fit for a travel-sized teddy bear

I built, wired, and programmed this mini segway as a personal foray into Arduino and control theory.

It uses an Arduino Due for the brains, a six degrees of freedom IMU for sensing tilt, and nested PID controllers for keeping it upright.

Slack-Connected Party Parrot

send the emoji over Slack, and the real parrot moves too

After the party parrot gif became a fun addition to my workplace's Slack team, I created a real-life version. The parrot is powered by a gear motor, RGB LED, Arduino, and Particle Photon. A custom Slack app monitors all messages and reactions. If a virtual parrot is detected, it notifies the Photon and fires up the real parrot's colorful, circular dance.

Autonomous RC Car

hacking a $15 RC car for some city cruising

(work in progress) I am working on making this RC car able to autonomously navigate a mini "city street."

The car is able to recognize stop signs in real time using a smartphone camera, OpenCV, histogram of gradients, and an SVM. It is also controllable via computer (through the hacked remote).

As a next step, I would like to incorporate a convolutional neural network to train the car to drive within lanes.

"Clappy Bird" and Pacman

retro games on bare metal Raspberry Pi

For our computer systems class (CS 107E), two classmates and I built games on bare metal Raspberry Pi.

"Clappy Bird": a variant of Flappy Bird, with an original graphics library and audio-based controls (clapping makes the bird move).

Pacman: the classic, with original graphics, ghost AIs, and arcade button controls.

FIRST Robotics, Team 1700

four years of robot-building fun!

Participating in and later leading my high school's all-girls robotics team was a formative technical and leadership experience. Through robotics, I uncovered my interest in computer science, the thrill of collaboration, and the power of confident women in STEM.

(That's me and our 2015 bot in the picture!)

TalkingPoints Crowdsourcing

web and mobile app for education tech startup

TalkingPoints is an app and platform that allows teachers to reach non-English-speaking families.

I worked with them to build a translation crowdsourcing app, which gives teachers access to high quality, human-powered, and education-specific translations for free. I built the app using Meteor JS, React, and Cordova.

Cardinal Ballet Company

website redesign for Stanford dance group

I built a refreshed, one-page site for Stanford's Cardinal Ballet Company. I hoped to create a bold and professional look centered around quality photographs and clean placement on the page.

Be a Good Doctor

website redesign for a Stanford student group

Given a few concept sketches from Stanford-based nonprofit incubator, I designed mockups in Sketch and worked on a custom, responsive Wordpress theme for their new website.

I aimed to capture the group’s professionalism yet openness by using modest sans-serif fonts, lively colors, and rounded graphics.


interactive user guide for a volunteering startup

In anticipation of GoVoluntr’s expansion campaign, I built this online tutorial to show new nonprofit users how to navigate their accounts and post and manage volunteer opportunities on the GoVoluntr site.

This was my first web design project, and I focused on including large, interactive screenshots and friendly text.

Smart Mirror

mirror, mirror, on the wall...what's the weather at nightfall?

Inspired by some photos online, I decided to make a smart mirror with a custom-built Meteor JS web app, an Amazon Fire tablet, and a sheet of two-way mirror acrylic.

The mirror updates the current time, weather, and breaking news in real time using Meteor’s reactive variables and publish-subscribe pattern.


reducing food waste, one donation at a time

After seeing uneaten sandwiches discarded during a class trip, two classmates and I were inspired to research the food donation process.

Two years and three rejections from the App Store later, we created Mezzo, an iOS app that connects vendors with surplus food to local food banks.


never send another "arrived safely" text again

As teens with new driver licenses and budding independence, my classmates and I often got flooded with missed calls and texts from our parents asking if we’d arrived safely at our destinations. Five of us built Trext, an automatic check-in app, to assuage our parents’ concerns.

I worked on the app’s user flow and UI design.


print and digital designs for education tech startup

I designed a variety of promotional materials to explain TalkingPoints to teachers around the country.

  • Product one-page flyers, stickers
  • Professional development kit
  • "How it works" animation for landing page
  • Press content and infographics
  • In-app congratulatory messages
  • Weekly summary email


concept video for a personalized online shopping startup

I created this video to simulate how a shopper might use Botrama's personalized virtual mannequin to try sizing and combine outfits on Neiman Marcus' website. I used Sketch for graphics, Keynote for animations, and Final Cut Pro to stitch everything together.

The company is in stealth mode, so I cannot publicly post the video. Send me an email if you'd like more information.

Catalan Numbers

a curious set of numbers explored with graphics

For my discrete math class, I created a presentation to explore five counting problems whose solutions are the Catalan numbers. I relied on diagrams (made in Sketch) to draw connections between all of these apparently unrelated problems.

DIY Bike Modifications

teaching my old bike new tricks

  1. phone mount: After many failed attempts to use Google Maps one-handed while biking, I CAD-ed, laser cut, and glued together this acrylic phone holder for my handlebars. There's even a convenient hole for a charging cable should I add a dynamo.
  2. EL wire: I would like to add electroluminescent wire to the rims of my bike to improve side visibility. My biggest challenge will be weatherproofing the inverter.

ENGR 40M Projects

an assortment of projects built for an EE class

  1. solar USB charger: diodes and boost converters
  2. useless box: Arduino, servos, and switches
  3. LED cube: transistors, multiplexing, and lots of soldering!
  4. EKG circuit: opamp filters and oscilloscopes

Rapid Prototyping

experiments on the 3D printer and laser cutter

  1. 3D printed "floating" helmet hanger modeled in Tinkercad.
  2. laser cut puzzle magnets cut out of good ol' plywood.

Fun with Cardboard

painted cardboard as (Halloween) fashion accessories

Kinetic Charger Concept

power walking 2.0

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